What are the cactus pruning methods?

We can prune cactus after flowering.

Cactus is a plant that is easy to grow.

Usually we only need a small amount of water, without special maintenance or pruning, it can grow vigorously.

But sometimes cactus will branch, so we need to trim it in time.

There is also the necessary pruning due to the flowering of cactus.

Let’s take a look at the cactus pruning method diagram!

1. Cactus pruning method

(1) Over trimmed side ball

Cactus cultivation is very simple.

It doesn’t need much nourishment and water, and it can grow well as long as it is put there.

But if we want to raise cactus very vigorously, we must trim its branches and buds appropriately.

When raising spherical cactus, the most important thing is to cut off those very thin side balls.

We also have those too dense and too many and top side balls.

(2) Prune weak stem nodes

In addition to spherical cactus, there is also an upright cactus in the style of stem node.

When we prune this cactus, we must cut off those very thin stem nodes.

And we have to leave only two small tender stems on the branches and buds above each stem node.

The reason for this is not only to make the plant aesthetic, but also to reduce unnecessary nutrients.

This will make the plant grow faster.

(3) Pruning after flowering

If cactus is properly cultivated, it will also produce brilliant and bright flowers.

Many flower lovers forget this step in the cactus pruning method diagram.

That is, after the flowering period, if the flowers have failed, we will cut off the remaining flowers.

We can cut off the remaining flowers in time and add an appropriate amount of water to make cactus bloom again.

2. Cactus pruning precautions

(1) Trim tool

Cactus’ pruning tools are nothing more than pruning scissors or sharp knives.

But all pruning tools must be very sharp.

Because cactus plants contain a lot of water, only sharp tools can reduce the size of the incision and make it as smooth as possible.

This is conducive to plant wound repair.

(2) Pruning environment

When we prune cactus, we must be in a relatively dry environment.

Only in this way can cactus recover.

We’d better prune it in spring and autumn.

We must not choose to prune plants in cold winter.

Because cactus is dormant at this time, pruning will harm the health of the plant.

And the weather must be sunny when pruning, so we don’t prune in the rainy season.

(3) Curing after trimming

After pruning cactus, it needs to be maintained in time.

Although cactus has strong vitality, juice will flow out of the trimmed incision.

Therefore, after pruning, we must pay attention to leaving cactus in a cool astigmatic environment and reduce watering.

Wait for the incision to dry slowly in the shade before we plant it normally.

3. Cactus cutting

(1) Vaginal incision

The stems and branches trimmed by cactus can actually be used to cut a new pot of cactus.

However, before cutting, we must put the branches and buds of cactus in a cool astigmatism environment.

We’ll wait until the incision is dried in the shade before cutting.

Sometimes, in order to improve the survival rate of cutting buds, we can also smear a little rooting powder or cardamom powder on the incision.

(2) Cutting method

We wait until the cut of cactus has dried in the shade, and then directly check this section of stems and branches into the soil.

Then we put the flowerpot in a cool astigmatism environment.

After keeping the temperature moderate and moistening the soil with a small amount of water, we can slowly wait for the plants to take root and sprout.

When we cultivate cactus, we must remember that the amount of watering should be less.

If we don’t water it, it can survive.

But after we watered more, the cuttings will rot slowly and will not take root.

Conclusion: through the above introduction, I believe you have understood the cactus pruning method.

Whether cutting cactus or cultivating cactus is very simple.

Flower lovers who like cactus can trim them by themselves, and then breed a new pot of cactus to have a try.

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