How to cultivate the succulent plant horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate)?

We’d better plant horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate) in a place with proper sunshine and ventilation.

Note: Horse’s teeth has a scientific name, haworthia truncate.

Horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate) has high requirements for cultivation conditions because it is not resistant to high temperature, cold and waterlogging.

Therefore, we’d better plant horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate) in a place with proper sunshine and ventilation.

When raising horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate), we mostly use compound fertilizer or liquid fertilizer.

Moreover, we generally use four methods for raising horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate): root cutting, ramet, leaf cutting and sowing.

Because there are few pests in horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate), we can prevent pests and diseases by using ordinary bacterial water.

Cultivation conditions of horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate):

1. Horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate) is suitable for planting on loose soil, such as the combination of semi sandy soil and mire soil.

Because it can not only breathe, but also not accumulate water.

2. Horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate) is best kept in a sunny environment at about 20 degrees Celsius.

If the light is too strong, we have to block it out.

We should note that horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate) will stop developing in an environment with a temperature of less than five degrees Celsius.

3. Don’t water horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate) too often.

We’d better wait until the soil is dry.

If the environment is too dry, we can spray water on the leaves of horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate), but don’t spray too much.

4. Compound fertilizer, liquid fertilizer or animal bone residue are all fertilizers for planting horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate).

Among them, we should spray liquid fertilizer on the leaves.

After we’re done with the ventilation, we should spray it in the dark environment of the house.

Breeding method of horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate):

1. We first dry the meristematic roots of horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate) and then cultivate them.

2. We need to remove the older leaves at the bottom of horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate), dry them, and finally insert them into nutrient soil.

3. We first dry the tender plants of horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate) before cultivation.

4. Sowing is the most common method of breeding horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate).

Pest control of horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate):

Although there are few pests in horse’s teeth (Haworthia truncate), we should also prevent them.

Usually we can use garlic water and pepper water with low concentration.

And if there are withered leaves, we should also prune them.

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