Why can cactus not be watered?

Cactus can not be watered for a long time, which is due to its climate environment and shape characteristics.

Friends who have cultivated cactus know that cactus can not be watered for a long time.

It is very drought resistant and has strong vitality.

But many people don’t understand why cactus can’t be watered.

Environmental climate, succulent stems, external wax film, shape characteristics, soil reasons, photosynthesis and strong water absorption of rhizomes are the main reasons why cactus can not be watered frequently.

Seven reasons why cactus can not be watered

1. Environmental climate

We all know that cactus originated in desert areas.

The climate there is hot, extremely dry all year round, and the water is scarce.

It is because of this harsh environment and climate that cactus is drought resistant.

Even without watering for a long time, cactus can still grow very luxuriant.

2. Fleshy stem

Because cactus is a fleshy stem and spiny leaves.

Its fleshy stem can store a lot of water in it, while the spiny leaves can reduce the loss of water.

This can reduce the evaporation rate of cactus water, so we can reduce its irrigation water.

3. External wax film

Moreover, the whole body of cactus is covered by a layer of tight, waterproof wax film.

This can reduce the rate of water evaporation.

In the rainy season, it will not waste any water.

After the rain falls on cactus, it will flow directly into the roots of cactus.

This can also add some water to cactus.

4. Shape characteristics

Many botanists have found that, surprisingly, cactus has a unique shape.

The external shape of its body is basically cylindrical.

This shape is the best windproof shape in the desert.

This shape can resist the attack of strong winds and reduce the evaporation of water.

5. Soil causes

In fact, there is another reason why cactus can not be watered, that is, soil.

Because when we grow cactus, most of them are raised with sand.

The sandy soil is relatively loose and breathable, and can maintain moisture, so the frequency of watering cactus is reduced.

When we grow cactus with sand in our life, we should first put a layer of soil on the bottom of the basin, and then spread a layer of sand.

In this way, the soil is below and the sand is above, which is more conducive to the breathing and growth of cactus rhizomes.

6. Photosynthesis

Cactus is different from other plants in that its photosynthesis is not carried out during the day, but at night.

It conducts photosynthesis on nights when evaporation and temperature are relatively low.

This can greatly reduce the loss of water in cactus.

This is why cactus can grow well without watering for a long time.

7. The rhizome has strong water absorption

In addition, what many people don’t know is that cactus has amazing root expansion ability and water absorption ability.

The root system of cactus can be widely distributed along the surface, and can also extend down to 5 times its body height.

So we don’t have to water cactus often.

Conclusion: through the above introduction, I believe everyone knows the seven reasons why cactus can not be watered.

I hope everyone can cultivate a lush cactus!

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