Why is cactus not afraid of drought?

Cactus is not afraid of drought because of its needle shaped leaves, thick stems, waxy stems and leaves and huge roots.

Cactus is known to be the least afraid of drought.

For cactus cultivated indoors, we only water it once a month, and it can grow very strong.

However, there is no in-depth study on why it has such good drought tolerance.

So why is cactus not afraid of drought?

1. Four reasons why cactus is not afraid of drought

(1) Needle leaf

The leaves of cactus are different from those of ordinary plants.

It’s long like a needle, and it hurts a little when touched in the hand.

This is because their living environment is short of water all year round, so it can’t guarantee that their branches and leaves have sufficient nutrients and moisture.

In order to be able to endure drought for a long time, they degenerate into needles.

In this way, other parts can get more moisture nourishment and store more moisture,

Because of this shape of leaves, cactus can better resist drought.

(2) Stem hypertrophy

The stem of cactus is thick and thick.

Its stem is composed of many thin-walled element cells.

Its stem meat is very soft and has good shrinkage properties.

This makes it free to stretch its body to store water.

In the absence of water supply, it can protect the epidermis by shrinking the stem meat.

At the same time, it will not wither due to thirst.

(3) Waxy stems and leaves

Cactus has a layer of waxy material on the stem of its epidermis.

The action of this substance can make it well resistant to strong ultraviolet radiation.

Therefore, this substance can prevent it from sunburn and dehydration after injury.

And it can also help reduce the evaporation of its own water, so as to retain water well.

It can also help cactus fight drought and protect it from dehydration.

(4) Huge root system

The decisive factor that cactus is not afraid of drought is that its root system is very huge.

And it is a pattern of divergent growth.

It is a tropical plant and grows in desert areas all year round.

Water resources in desert areas are very scarce.

To adapt to the living environment there, cactus can only grow its roots longer and farther.

In this way, they can absorb the nutrients and water resources they need, so they won’t die of thirst.

2. Five precautions for cactus cultivation

(1) Sufficient light

Cactus is a tropical plant.

It needs plenty of sunshine to grow better.

It is not afraid of strong light.

So if possible, we will put it in direct sunlight for a long time.

This is conducive to its growth and flowering.

(2) Proper watering

Cactus is a very drought tolerant plant.

Therefore, when people cultivate it, they should not often water it.

Because too much watering may cause its roots to be flooded and rotten.

But it doesn’t need watering.

We just need to keep watering it once a month and pour the soil through.

(3) Moderate temperature

Cactus needs to grow in a very hot environment during the day.

Generally, we should keep the room temperature between 20 ℃ and 35 ℃.

In this way, it can grow better.

In the evening, it is more appropriate for us to control the temperature within 15 ℃.

Because this time it is the time to rest and absorb nutrients.

This room temperature allows it to accumulate more nutrients, which is conducive to daytime growth.

(4) Fresh air

Cactus, like other plants, needs to be nourished by fresh air.

Because it is a long-term survival in a arid and barren environment, and has relatively high requirements for air circulation.

Generally, when we plant cactus indoors, we should pay attention to placing them in a place with good air circulation.

This will help them breathe freely and stretch their bodies.

(5) Suitable soil

Cactus is a plant that has long lived in the desert.

Therefore, its requirements for soil are higher than ordinary plants.

It needs to be specially equipped with some nutritious soil suitable for it.

Such nutrient soil can be bought in some places where cactus is specially bought.

Only by choosing the soil suitable for them can we make them grow stronger.

Conclusion: through the above introduction, I believe everyone knows why cactus is not afraid of drought.

We all know the matters needing attention in cultivating them.

I hope everyone can raise strong and lively cactus!

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