What are the functions and efficacy of cactus?

It can absorb radiation and delay aging

Cactus can absorb radiation and help delay aging.

Cactus has become the first choice for many flower lovers to try to cultivate because of its extremely simple cultivation method.

In fact, cactus not only has simple cultivation and high ornamental value, but also has many functions and effects.

Absorbing radiation, delaying aging, controlling three highs, diminishing inflammation and treating burns and frostbite are the functions and effects of cactus.

1. The role of cactus

(1) Absorbed radiation

Cactus has a strong ability to absorb radiation.

Over time, radiation will do great harm to people.

So whether at home or in the office, we can put a basin next to the TV or computer.

With the absorption of cactus, we can reduce our absorption of radiation, and the cost is low.

In addition, what are the functions and efficacy of cactus?

(2) Ornamental function

Cactus has ornamental function, which is widely known.

And there are many kinds of cactus.

It has various shapes in the flower shop.

We put those with unique shapes on the desktop, which is not interesting.

Moreover, the flowers of cactus vary from variety to variety.

The most important thing is that cactus is easy to feed and does not need our special care, so it will not cause flower lovers to spend too much time.

(3) Delay aging

Cactus is rich in amino acids and various trace elements needed for life, which can participate in the metabolism of nucleic acids.

Therefore, it can well lead to the growth and development of its life.

It is rich in vitamin E and sugar, so it can also play a good role in delaying aging.

2. Efficacy of cactus

(1) Control three high

Cactus is rich in nutrition.

It is rich in vitamins and minerals, which can inhibit the absorption of fat and cholesterol.

After processing and extraction, cactus can also significantly reduce blood lipid.

People with three heights can make cactus into vegetables and use it often.

(2) Anti inflammatory effect

Long ago, cactus was often used to treat inflammation, pain, skin itching and other symptoms.

Cactus can play a good role in clearing away heat and detoxification, so as to achieve the effect of anti-inflammatory.

It’s OK whether it’s oral or external

We can clean it, remove the prick and peel it.

(3) Health care function

Cactus is rich in protein and vitamins.

By eating after processing, these proteins and vitamins can be directly absorbed by the human body.

In addition, cactus is particularly easy to feed.

Its vitality is extremely tenacious, and there is no need to add any chemical fertilizer, so cactus is greener than ordinary fruits and vegetables.

(4) Anti ulcer

The processed extract of cactus can effectively increase the blood flow of gastric mucosa.

Therefore, it has a good protective and therapeutic effect on gastric ulcer.

If you are a friend who often gets gastric ulcer, you can eat cactus for treatment and prevention.

This has many fewer side effects than long-term drug treatment.

(5) Treat burns and burns

High temperature in summer, and the ground temperature is hot, the elderly and children are easy to fall, resulting in skin burns.

At this time, we can take some cactus juice to remove the residue, and apply it with egg white or sesame oil on the burned and scalded areas.

Or we can directly remove the skin and thorns of cactus, mash it, apply it to the wound, and wrap it with clean gauze.

Then we can change the dressing once a day.

(6) Treat frostbite

In winter when the temperature is low, children and the elderly are particularly prone to frostbite because of their poor resistance.

Especially children, they like to play with snow, so chilblain is easier to aggravate.

Before it breaks, we wash, prick, smash and stir the cactus into a paste.

Then we apply a thick layer of ointment on our hands, and then wrap them with gauze bandages.

We’ll take it off in five days.

Generally, frostbite can be cured once or twice.

Conclusion: the above is the role and efficacy of cactus.

Flower lovers can have a variety of immortals at home, which are good choices for both ornamental and medicinal purposes.

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