What are the characteristics of Kordia cherry?

The fruit of Kordia cherry is large and delicious.

Kordia cherry tastes sweet, tender and nutritious.

Kordia cherry is resistant to transportation.

Kordia cherry is suitable for children or the elderly.

Cherry is rich in nutrition and has the function of protecting intestines and stomach and beauty.

Because cherry is warm in nature, you should eat it in moderation.

Otherwise, you will get angry.

Cherry is not suitable for diabetes patients because of its high sugar content.

Features of Kordia cherry

Cherry is a very common fruit.

Cherry is very popular because of its sweet taste and rich nutrition.

Cherry has many varieties.

Cordia varieties belong to middle and late maturing varieties.

Kordia cherry is a new variety bred in 1991.

Kordia cherry is uniform in size and its average fruit weight is about 11g.

The fruit of Kordia cherry is smooth and round in shape and mostly heart-shaped.

The fruit color of Kordia cherry is dark red.

Kordia cherry has high sugar content and large fruit size.

The fruit of Kordia cherry is soft, tender, sweet and delicious.

Kordia cherry is not easy to crack and is resistant to transportation.

Kordia cherry is mainly produced in Australia, Chile and other countries.

Cherry contains a lot of nutrients such as fructose, carotene, minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Cherry has high nutritional value.

Kordia cherry also contains dietary fiber.

If you eat cherry in moderation, it can promote gastrointestinal digestion and protect the stomach.

It is beneficial to human health.

A large number of vitamins and trace elements can supplement the nutrients that the human body lacks and enhance human immunity.

It can accelerate the metabolism of human body, and has the function of maintaining skin and strengthening body.

Kordia cherry is nutritious.

It is suitable for the elderly and children, and is beneficial to health.

Because cherry is a warm fruit, you should eat it in moderation.

Pregnant women should also eat cherry in moderation.

Excessive consumption of cherry can cause people to get angry and cause symptoms such as vomiting.

Because Kordia cherry contains a lot of sugar, it is not suitable for people with diabetes.

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