What is the correct watering method for cactus?

The climate is different in each season, and the requirements of cactus watering are also different.

Cactus plants are the easiest to take care of.

Because their origin environment is very bad, but it can still survive.

This proves that its vitality is very tenacious.

Therefore, in a more comfortable environment, even if we do not take good care of it, it will not have much impact on it.

If we care too hard, it will affect their growth.

It is important to learn how to water cactus correctly.

Cactus correct watering method

Cactus is particular about watering.

The amount of watering should vary with the season.

In spring, we should water cactus properly.

The outside temperature is not high in spring, so it only needs a small amount of watering.

In summer, we should increase the humidity of cactus growth environment.

In summer, the sun is strong and the temperature is high.

If we water too much, it may cause rotten roots.

However, if there is water shortage, some plants will appear scorch spots and shrinkage, which will reduce the ornamental value.

We often spray the cultivation site, which can not only increase the air humidity, reduce the ambient temperature, but also make the stem absorb water.

In autumn, we should water cactus more

In autumn, cactus plants entered a vigorous growth stage.

At the same time, some cactus in winter, such as crab claw and fairy finger, differentiate flower buds in autumn.

At this time, they need enough water and fertilizer.

Nature is also crisp in autumn with less rain, so we should water more at this time.

In winter, we should control the amount of watering.

In winter, most plants go into dormancy, so we just keep the basin soil moist.

At this time, excessive watering may cause stem base rot.

In short, watering is the most important method of cactus cultivation.

No matter which season, we should master the principle of no drying, no watering and thorough watering.

Every time we water, a small amount of water should flow out of the drain hole.

And we must not pour water blocking our waist.

Knowledge expansion cactus fertilization correct method:

Timely, appropriate and see the object.

Fertilization is carried out in spring and autumn.

We apply fertilizer every 20 days, and we should choose to do it in the morning or evening on a sunny day.

If the basin soil is dry, we should sprinkle some water on the basin soil and then apply fertilizer.

The concentration of fertilizer should be 0.05% ~ 0.2%.

In the morning of the next day, we poured water once, and the effect was better.

The terrestrial type requires fertilizer rich in potassium and phosphorus and less nitrogen, while the epiphytic type requires more nitrogen.

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