What is cactus fruit like?

Cactus fruit is sweet and juicy.

Cactus is a succulent plant of cactus family and cactus genus.

It is native to tropical and subtropical deserts or arid areas in America.

Cactus will blossom and bear fruit.

Let’s take you to see the fruits of cactus.

Cactus fruit

1. Characteristics of cactus fruit

Cactus flowers are mostly solitary, and have flower tubes, inferior ovary, and one chamber.

There is a style on the ovary, and there are multiple stigmas at the top of the style to receive pollen.

Pollen is spread by wind or birds.

Soon after pollination, the flower tube separated from the top of the ovary and left an obvious scar.

After pollination and fertilization, the ovule develops into a seed and its ovary develops into a fruit (usually a berry).

The shapes are pear shaped, round, stick shaped, etc.

2. Function of cactus fruit

(1) Reproduction

Cactus propagates mainly through seeds.

After the fruit is mature, it can be spread by natural falling into the ground, wind blowing, eating and excretion of animals (including birds).

(2) Edible

Some cactus fruits are sweet and juicy, so there is a famous product called cactus ice in Penghu.

This product is made of cactus fruit.

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