What fertilizer does cactus use?

What fertilizer we use for cactus fertilization depends on the growth of cactus.

What fertilizer we use for cactus fertilization depends on the growth of cactus.

Fertilizer can be self-made, or go to the florist to buy special compound fertilizer.

Homemade fertilizers generally include cake fertilizer, manure and bone meal fertilizer.

When we apply fertilizer, we should also pay attention to the season.

During the periods of high temperature in summer and low temperature in winter, cactus will enter a dormant state.

At this time, we need to stop fertilizer immediately to avoid fertilizer damage.

1. Fertilizer applied by cactus

(1) Cake fertilizer

The oil meal left after extracting edible oil is what we call cake fertilizer.

The commonly used cake fertilizer includes bean cake fertilizer, peanut cake fertilizer, sesame cake fertilizer, etc.

When we apply cake fertilizer, we’d better smash it first and then soak it.

Finally, we can irrigate cactus with rotten cake fertilizer water.

(2) Chicken manure

If there are chickens or pigeons at home, we can collect their feces.

Then we soak it in water and rot it, and then take manure and water to irrigate cactus.

The smell of feces is very strong, so we’d better wear masks and gloves when making.

(3) Bone meal fertilizer

Bone meal is rich in phosphorus and has a long fertilizer effect. It is very suitable for watering flowers.

We can collect the remaining ribs, chicken bones, beef bones and other bones, and then cook them in a pressure cooker for half an hour.

After it cools down, we grind it into powder and then soak it in water to irrigate cactus, which can promote the flowering of cactus!

(4) Compound fertilizer

If you are too lazy to make your own fertilizer, let’s go to the flower market to buy special compound fertilizer.

The fertilizer needed by cactus is mostly nitrogen phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer.

When we apply fertilizer to cactus, we’d better dissolve the fertilizer in water and then water it.

In this way, the fertilizer is easier to be absorbed, and it is not easy to cause fertilizer damage.

2. Cactus fertilization method

Cactus grows in spring and autumn.

It is mostly dormant in summer and winter.

Therefore, the fertilization of cactus must be determined according to the growth of plants and the climate environment.

Generally, we do not need to apply fertilizer to cactus in summer and winter, otherwise fertilizer damage will occur, resulting in plant death.

In cactus growing season, we usually apply fertilizer once a half month, mainly nitrogen fertilizer.

The temperature rises gradually in spring, so we can apply it 4 ~ 5 times.

The temperature gradually decreases in autumn, so we’d better apply it 2 ~ 3 times.

If it comes to the flowering period of cactus, we can apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to promote the flowering of cactus.

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