What should I do if the moth gnaws at the trunk?

If you find that the moth has eaten the trunk, we should trim its diseased branches in time and burn the trimmed parts to prevent secondary infection.

We should spray the trunk with 90% trichlorfon 1000 times solution or 25% tetramite suspension.

In this way, the pests and eggs on the trunk can be killed.

After killing the pests and their eggs on the trunk, we also need to apply a layer of lime milk on its surface.

In this way, we can achieve the effect of preventing diseases and pests to the trunk.

1. Trim properly

We should check the branches of trees for traces of moths.

If you find that the branches of trees are rotten or moth eaten.

Then we should immediately cut off the diseased branches on the trunk to prevent pests from invading other healthy parts of it.

We need to focus on the parts trimmed from the trunk.

We usually use burning method to prevent the propagation of pests on the trunk.

2. Spraying insecticides

For different pests on the trunk, we need to spray different pesticides.

If there are grubs, white bag moths and other pests on the trunk.

Then we can spray 1000 times of 90% trichlorfon on the trunk to control diseases and pests.

You must be careful that we do not use 1000 times of 90% trichlorfon with alkaline insecticides.

Because this will produce chemical reactions, resulting in a large number of toxic substances, which will endanger the environment and human health.

We can also use some broad-spectrum insecticides for tree trunks, such as tetramite.

This is an organic nitrogen heterocyclic insecticide, and it is low toxic to humans and animals.

We usually use 25% suspending agent to spray the trunk.

Because this insecticide lasts a long time.

In addition, we should not use this insecticide more than twice a year. Generally, it takes 7-10 days to take effect.

3. Apply lime milk

We can mix quicklime with water at a mass ratio of 1:7 to make lime milk.

We want to kill the pests and their eggs on the trunk.

Then we need to paint a layer of lime milk on the surface of the trunk.

Because lime milk can denature protein.

So we can apply lime milk to the trunk.

In this way, the trunk can be protected from pests for a long time.

Lime milk is a good insecticide to deal with moths.

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