How to scientifically cut Opuntia tuna?

When cutting Opuntia tuna, we can use coarse-grained media such as large grain river sand or perlite and pisolite.

① When cutting, we can use the medium of tunna, perlite or a little bit of tunna.

However, the water content in the medium shall not exceed 40%.

② Then we cut Opuntia tuna in sections and put it in a dry room for about 1 week.

③ After the incision of Opuntia tuna section dried up, we placed it flat on the medium.

Then we tie the cuttings together with a short rod to make them stand naturally, but do not bury them deeply.

④ We should water as little as possible to avoid cuttings rotting.

If the medium becomes dry, we can pour a small amount of water from the edge of the basin.

Until the new roots of little Opuntia tuna grow, we turn to normal watering.

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