How old are cherry seedlings to produce fruit?

Cherry can bear the first fruit after 4 ~ 7 years.

Cherry will bear fruit four to seven years after you plant the seedlings.

Most people start planting seedlings in April every year.

If you maintain the seedlings properly, cherry will generally bear fruit in March of the fourth year.

At the latest, it will bear fruit in the spring of the seventh year.

Cherry is grown in very few areas.

At present, there are more people planting cherry in Henan and Shaanxi.

Cherry is mainly in these two provinces.

Cherry seedlings can grow fruit after 4 ~ 7 years

Cherry is rich in iron.

Cherry is very popular in the market because of its delicious taste.

So how old are cherry seedlings to produce fruit?

Generally, it takes 4-7 years to grow fruit after you sow and raise seedlings.

Its fruiting period is relatively long, and its fruit is sweet and delicious.

Cherry’s best seedling raising period is from March to April in spring.

If the climate is mild and the soil is moist, cherry can bloom around March of the fourth year.

After two months, it can bear fruit.

Cherry is mainly planted in Henan Province.

These two provinces are the main hubs for the production of cherry.

In the seedling stage, you need to control the temperature.

You’d better keep the temperature at about 16 ℃, and the minimum temperature in winter can’t exceed 5 ℃.

Otherwise, cherry is prone to frostbite.

If you want to plant cherry in a large area, you must control the planting density.

This is to enable each plant to have an independent growth space.

This helps cherry grow.

Cherry needs a period of relaxation after seedling cultivation

This is to make it adapt to the surrounding growth environment.

If it’s normal for the plant not to grow leaves within a week, you don’t have to worry too much.

You don’t need to fertilize the plants too often.

You only need to fertilize twice in spring and autumn.

This can meet cherry’s needs for nutrients.

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