How to make family cherry potted plants?

You can follow these methods to make small potted plants. Cherry is at home.

You need to choose peat soil, sandy soil and organic fertilizer to prepare sandy soil with high fertility and good drainage.

You should prepare suitable containers with drain holes, such as clay pots.

You need to plant seeds or plants in pot soil.

You need to loosen the soil for the seeds and compact the soil.

This can make it grow better in the basin soil.

1. Soil preparation

First, you need to prepare basin soil suitable for cherry’s growth.

You’d better prepare sandy soil with high fertility and good drainage.

This is to make cherry’s roots grow better.

You should choose rotten leaf soil and add sand and organic fertilizer in the ratio of 5:4:1.

2. Select container

If you want a small potted cherry, you need to choose a clay pot or pottery pot of appropriate size as the container.

If you use seeds to sow cherry, you can use a container with a diameter of 10 ~ 15cm and a height of about 8cm.

If you use plant transplanting pot soil, you need to choose according to the size of the plant.

3. Planting potted plants

In fact, the family cherry small pot planting method is very simple.

If you plant cherry with seeds, you can plant it directly into the pot soil.

You need to keep the soil moist.

You can also dig a strong cherry out of the soil and remove the old soil from the root surface.

You need to transplant it into the pot soil and compact the soil.

4. Potting management

If you plan to potte cherry with seeds, you’d better choose sunny days and dry places.

You need to water every three days.

After you transplant the plant into the pot soil, you need to water the plant after the soil turns white.

This is to adapt its roots to the new soil.

Don’t fertilize it immediately.

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