How to trim cherry trees?

You need to prune cherry trees as follows.

Cherry’s pruning methods are different in different growth periods.

In spring, you need to cut off the top of the trunk with a length of 32 ~ 40 cm.

In the young tree stage, you need to comb and cut the overgrown bare branches and trunk.

You need to keep the angle between the trunk and branch at about 60 ~ 70 degrees, and cut buds on the main branch.

1. Spring pruning

Spring pruning is the basic point of cherry tree pruning, and the key to plant growth also lies in bud pruning.

Try not to prune too much when the plant sprouts.

Generally, you should focus on heart picking and short cutting.

When the trunk of the plant is 32 ~ 40 cm long, you should cut off the top as soon as possible.

2. Sapling pruning

The pruning of young trees is mainly heavy pruning.

You need to comb and cut the overgrown bare branches and trunks.

You should generally keep the angle of the trunk at about 60 degrees and the opening angle of the side branches at about 70 degrees.

You need to pull the main branch and branch into a straight line.

You’d better not bow the main branches and branches.

You need to cut buds on the main branch.

3. Pruning at the beginning of fruit

When the plant is in the early fruit stage, you should mainly focus on plastic surgery.

You need to cut off over dense main branches and disordered branches that affect beauty.

Generally, you should trim from bottom to top, and keep the main branches and branches from affecting each other.

You need to cut short the thin lateral branches to promote the flowering and Fruiting of the plant.

4. Pruning at full fruit stage

During the full fruit period, you should mainly increase the ventilation and light transmittance of crown width.

This is conducive to fruit expansion and yield increase.

You can cut off the vertical branches and overlapping branches that affect the growth in the crown.

You need to properly trim some Cross branches and leaves that affect the beauty.

You need to wipe out the shoots at the top to avoid consuming nutrients.

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