Does cactus like sunshine

Cactus likes to grow in a well lit environment.

Cactus is extremely drought tolerant.

It is one of the few plants that can survive in the desert.

And it likes to grow in an environment with plenty of light.

If we prevent it in places with insufficient light, it may lead to yellowing and atrophy of cactus stems.

Some small cactus or epiphytic cactus, such as cactus, do not need too much light, so we need semi Yin maintenance.

Cactus likes plenty of light

Everyone knows that cactus is very drought resistant.

Does cactus like sunshine?

Cactus likes a sunny growing environment.

Sufficient light can make cactus grow better.

But it can’t be exposed to high temperatures.

Although it can survive at high temperatures, this will slow its growth trend.

If cactus stays in the place with insufficient light for a long time, its stems will turn yellow and soft, and even wither.

Therefore, we’d better plant cactus outdoors.

If I plant it indoors, I should also put it in a well lit place next to the balcony and window.

Cactus root has strong water absorption capacity.

Its stem stores a lot of water, so we don’t need to pour too much water.

If we water too much, it will easily lead to rotten roots.

When we plant them in the open air, we must pay attention to shelter from rain and drainage.

Some large cactus will not dry out even if they are not watered for a year or two.

We use sandy soil to grow cactus.

It’s best to use ordinary sand in front.

This is because the rapid diversion of water in sand and rapid evaporation can keep the basin soil dry for a long time.

This is very conducive to the growth of cactus.

Even if we water every day, it is not easy to cause cactus rotten roots.

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