Why is cactus not afraid of drought

Cactus is not afraid of drought because its leaves are needle shaped and its rhizomes are plump.

Cactus not only has high ornamental value, but also is not afraid of drought and cold for many reasons.

Generally, its leaves gradually degenerate into needle shape, and can reduce water evaporation in strong sunlight.

In addition, cactus’ rhizome is plump and juicy, and can store water well.

In summer, when the temperature is high, its roots and stems can provide water to the plant in time.

Cactus also plays a role in preventing radiation.

Cactus is not afraid of drought

Cactus has strong drought tolerance.

It can beautify the environment and purify the air.

So why is cactus not afraid of drought?

This is because the leaves of cactus are acicular and the rhizomes are plump.

Cactus is a succulent plant.

Its leaves and roots are different from most plants.

Cactus grows in harsh areas such as deserts for a long time.

Its leaves gradually degenerate into needles.

In the strong sunlight, the water in the leaves evaporates slowly.

Moreover, its roots are thick and juicy, and can absorb and store water in the soil, so cactus is not afraid of drought.

Normally, cactus has strong vitality.

It is not only drought resistant, but also particularly cold resistant, so we can place it in the sun for maintenance.

It can grow better in the sun.

However, even if it does not receive light for a long time, it can grow normally.

Therefore, it is very suitable for novice maintenance.

In fact, the acicular leaves of cactus can slow the evaporation of water and effectively absorb the dust in the air to make the air more fresh.

And its leaves also play a role in preventing radiation.

We can put cactus next to things with radiation such as computers.

In addition, cactus is a very easy to feed plant.

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