What are the requirements of Opuntia tuna for moisture?

At different growth stages, Opuntia tuna has different water requirements.

Note the following points:

① In the early growth stage and peak growth period (spring and summer) of Opuntia tuna, we should water more.

Opuntia tuna needs more water at the seedling stage, but it needs less water after forming sandalwood plants.

In its dormancy period (autumn and winter), we should water less or even no water.

When we water, we should also take into account the changes of the weather.

In sunny days, we can water more, while in rainy days, we can water less or no.

② The water used for watering flowers should not contain salt, nor too much calcium, magnesium ions and other harmful chemicals.

General rainwater and unpolluted River and lake water can be used.

The tap water in the city should be reused after two days.

The water temperature for watering shall be basically the same as the room temperature for watering.

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