How to apply topdressing fertilizer to Opuntia tuna?

For family grown Opuntia tuna, we should avoid applying raw fertilizer.

For Opuntia tuna plants, if they are potted for a long time, we need to supplement nutrients and topdressing.

However, for family cultivated Opuntia tuna, we avoid applying raw fertilizer.

We can put soybean, sesame, peanut, rapeseed and other meal cakes into a jar filled with water to make them fully fermented.

After about half a month, we can use it.

We can refill the tank with water at any time, but the tank must be covered.

We should pay attention to the principle of thin fertilizer and frequent application.

We would rather apply fertilizer and water several times than apply concentrated fertilizer at one time to avoid burning the plant.

We can also mix rabbit dung, poultry dung or meal cake with 2 / 3 of vegetarian sand, and use it after ripening and fermentation.

When fertilizing, we lift out about 2cm of the surface soil in the basin, and then fill in the fertile soil.

This kind of fertile soil is harmless to the roots of Opuntia tuna and has long fertilizer effect.

When the temperature is low or too high, or Opuntia tuna plants are in dormancy, we should not apply fertilizer.

When the new roots of cuttings are just growing, we can’t apply fertilizer.

There is no need to apply fertilizer for varieties with aging seedlings and roots.

All kinds of fish soup can’t be washed with salt.

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